Hola, Cakes is what they call me. Dont ask why...I didnt, i dont even like cake. I am an 18 yr old 1/2 native american 1/2 mexican bisexual female from omaha nebraska...top that. My life involves my family, Angelina Jolie and No Doubt....and ok sum other people. At thee current time i am a professional slaker getting away with everything while not doing anything, if that makes sense. Im just trying to figure out where i want my life to go and who is comming with.


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Dec 13, 2003

I...am a big dummy. I---suck dude seriously i had a whole lot typed and i erased it all...like that! Somethin bout Suspicious Minds by No Doubt is playin and--oh yeah i dont wanna say how good it is and say somethin to much to heart cause in the last entry even tho i didnt read it all since it was too long...i said a lot bout Angelina. i didnt wanna sound like a Angelina freak type--person...thing. And then i tried to date it and it pissed me off cause it made me think whith the whole time tthing and i dont know what i said after that. nope...nothin. sad. ya know whats a good song? weed song by bone thugs. nno no no no cause---wait i remember what i typed!!! Ok, People...love your thumbs. I cut my thumbs in freakishly stupid ways and the one on the left thumb wont close. I was gonna super glue it like ive heard--but yeah i dont know bout that. i dont know what i said after that...back to bone. Not because of weed. No. because those boys really love that weed. A song bout boys lovin somethin so much is awsome. They could be singin bout playin basketball. I dont know where my point was on that, so imma go. Does anyone know if---no no i dont think anyone will, this is a no doubt song haters tuen away. is that Gwen singing in the chorus of stricken too? K haters attentione. Also i remember somthin from earlier. Thanks to the dude for el couragemento commento or such. More engouraghe aHhhhhhhhhhhhhh jk. But i was gonna end it on that way up there so i shall be back jack.

Posted at 11:48 pm by IllBetheOne18
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and this is for the weed heads and this is for the weedheads

gonna get ya fucked up gonna get ya fucked up
when you take one hit then i make you hush up shut the fuck up

K, i read all that i typed....i wrote more than i thought!!! But anyways im a stup cause i--just am i made my name neato, gracias...i think it will catch on. i still wanna keep my last name tho.

Posted at 12:09 am by IllBetheOne18
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Nov 7, 2003

Hmm Hmm Hmm what to say what to say....what to-----sa-y. The wall i sleep next to doesnt have enough room for my new Angelina posters and the old room. This...is a problem. Let's see how i explain this connection---my uncles-woman who he had a moment withs' son brought me a hat back from new york city. Im very happy bout that, i got it when i was sick too so now it had my cooties on it so everyone i advise...back it up. I'm sportin it right now in fact. :) How long should a girls nails be? Does it depend on her finger lenght...i think so...if you got little fingers you can have long nails, but long fingers...short nails. I've been trying to grow mine out and now that i mention it when i type it feels like i want to bite them so i better not stop typing or i will bite them, keep busy fingers i want to paint my nails a pretty blue or chrome ooooOOOoooooo yeah ok type type tpy mistakes thats ok dont spot i mean stiop stio stop wow that was tricky, ok well i have to stpo eventually ooo i CAN spell so im gonna stop right aaway and move my hands to somethin else---like hmm what....ok ill cut and tape up and Angelina posters.... :O yea

Posted at 11:00 pm by IllBetheOne18
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Oct 26, 2003
This day, this month, this year.

I want to introduce myself and the characters in my life, my two creators my dad and my mom. My grams and my gramps. My uncle and cousin kara j. (i call her k.j., k, kara justine)and my tough as leather great-grams. I am Brooke <waves> i like to think of myself as my hotmail addy name...Angelina Jolies Future Wifey. I don't want to explain 'cause then I'll just sound like another fan. At least I don't like her for just her lips like sum. I may easily babble and go to random subjects from time to time...but thats ok, because you see...i don't care. :) This is just for me to get my creative juices flowin'. (if i had a nickel for everytime i said that) Well, I'd have a nickel. :] I--forgot my thought for a sec, I use to be a good writer...and probly still am but I just don't have the attention span for that too much anymore. I should start out with my first entry by stating my dream life...my fantasy life...the life that is no way close to happening at the time and might not ever, but--what the hay fantasy doesnt mean real. Here's what i see, I see myself living in the nicest place in new york city...maybe a place crossed between the house in panic room and spike jonze's place...OoO and the place in the movie "Big". I have always wanted to live in new york city since at least 7th or 8th grade. But most importantly i see myself waking up next to Angelina Jolie and fallinf sleep next to her. ;)I wouldn't mind making my ends meet as the lead singer of my No Doubt cover band...and that's because i can't see myself in any other normal job...no cashier drawers or office desk here baby. I think of my future job as one that hasnt been invented yet. I think everyone should ask me if this looks ok or if this sounds ok. I'll be the decieder on if its ok for people to see. I just see me happy and my family happy. Boy oh boy thought i couldnt tell ya the stuff that happens in this household for 2 reasons...I dont want to make myself sound like im some hurt displaced kid and i dont want to get the cops called on my mom. But ill just leave it at this word, addicts. There are times i feel like my life as already been lived and i dont have anything else to go thru. But then the other days, the days i love i can picture my sharp apartment and future love. Im going to End it on This and finish my night by waiting for my cousin Rob, playing pool on the internet, listening to the radio and waiting for the new No Doubt song...and peeing out all this tea i cant stop drinkin. ~Good Day

Posted at 09:10 pm by IllBetheOne18
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